Depression & Stabbing Lonliness

Yesterday, I was surrounded by coworkers I work well with, and I was doing things that I care about. Yet, I had nagging feelings of loneliness and detachment. The thought kept flitting through my mind – I would be better off, finally, if I could just go to heaven that day.

These sudden spells of loneness and sadness are part of my depression cycle. This kind of loneliness is a sharp pain in the heart that is hard to tune out. I can shift into these moods even when I am in a positive environment, surrounded by people who care about me. If you feel this way, please do not underestimate it. This is a dangerous place to be in emotionally, and it can lead to deeper depression if you do not address it.

Call a trusted loved one and be honest about how you are feeling. Take a few minutes from work if you must. This will remind you are not alone! You have a life with value, and heart connections to people who really love you.

Another option is to take a quick break and make use of a meditation phone app. My favorite is the Christian-based Abide app. The free version offers 2-minute meditations that are based on encouraging bits of Scripture. Yesterday, the meditation about weakness and God’s presence really spoke to me:*

If you are experiencing depression-related sadness and loneliness, please reach out. Don’t ignore the sad spells. Getting better is a journey that requires you to put one foot in front of the other – even if you only make one step a week. There are things – simple, wholesome things – that can help you along the way.

*Not sponsored. I wanted to share something that has genuinely helped me!


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