Today, while I was at the post office, I met the most adorable terrier-type dog. She had white paws, curly, chocolate fur, and large, liquid eyes. She came right over, wagging her little tail. I couldn’t resist her!

While I was giving her a good head scratch, her owner told me her story. This dog has a rough past – she originally came from the animal shelter. She was seriously injured when she first came there – someone had shot her. I can’t fathom it – just, why? Yet here she is, two years in her forever home, and she adores people. From what I saw at the post office, and from what her owner said, she has a friendly heart. She assumes the best about everyone she meets.

When people hurt me, my tendency is to shut down and isolate. I can easily slide back into my old ways of distrusting all and assuming the worst about the world and its people. This then triggers my depression. Yet here is this little dog, who has been through more than I have, and she puts herself out there. She healed from her trauma, and she learned to love again. Her story is remarkable!

I know it is hard to exist in this broken world, and not get swept away by depression and negativity. Yet our stories are not yet concluded. You do not know yet how your story will end. There is always hope, and time and space to heal, and to learn to love again. A happy ending is within reach.


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