“He lets me rest in green meadows; he leads me beside peaceful streams.” Psalms 23:2


Tressa Mancini is a native of the Rocky Mountain West. She loves hiking and long country drives, and her love for wilderness life evolved into a passion for nature photography.

She works in western Montana’s Gallatin and Paradise Valleys, although she is not opposed to exploring unfamiliar mountain ranges. She seeks to inspire with her landscapes, and to point to something bigger than herself.

Artist’s Statement

I strive to share the vibrancy of the Creator’s master artwork: nature. God-crafted landscapes are a reminder that, despite the chaos and darkness in the world, there is still beauty.

My life was once derailed by severe depression and anxiety. Renewing my relationship with God’s creation helped me to get out of my head, and to dwell on the One nature points to – Jesus Christ, the One in whom hope and healing rest.

Photography is one of the most realistic art mediums, making it well-suited to capturing what is. I do not need to remix the beautiful sights I have the privilege of seeing. My hope is that my landscapes capture the life and color of creation, and bring a sense of awe and hope to all who kindly view my work.