Nature & the Nature of Hope

Can you imagine a desert as a place of life? The work of photographer Guy Tal captures the surprising vibrancy of Utah’s badlands. His landscapes are visions of desert wonders. He has lived and worked in the Utah wilderness for over two decades, and his identity is interlaced with the environment he loves. In his … Continue reading Nature & the Nature of Hope

Bannack: The Living Ghost Town

Something yellow and timeless glittered in Grasshopper Creek. The discovery put fire in miners’ hearts, and Montana’s first gold rush began in 1862. Bannack burst to life and peaked at 5,000 people. History Gold fever and a population explosion created an ideal environment for crime. Bannack was a frontier town, and there was no established … Continue reading Bannack: The Living Ghost Town

Surreal Waterfall

Recently I have taken an interest in evolving my photography into more surreal artworks. I am not a digital painter, but cutting edge, computer art generators have given me a new way to experiment with my images. The starting image for the piece above was one of my own photographs. There is a mysterious quality … Continue reading Surreal Waterfall

Grand Teton National Park

Early in June I went camping with friends in Grand Teton National Park. We hiked past Jenny Lake and up to Hidden Falls (pictures below). We also had the chance to drive through Yellowstone, where we stopped by Lower Falls in Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon. I had the pleasure of photographing these beautiful landscapes between rainstorms. … Continue reading Grand Teton National Park


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