Old Sedan Church

You are travelling on Highway 89 in Montana. You go through Bridger Canyon – it’s a heart-stopping drive as the road narrows and a cliff falls away on your left. You emerge from the canyon and into the Shields Valley. You take another curve, and a humble, little church comes into your view. Sedan Church … More

When Ice and Fire Meet (Fiction)

Below is a brief experiment of mine in surrealist, fantasy fiction. I suppose it has more literary leanings than genre fiction. If abstract and strange stories are your thing, then enjoy! I breathe out, and streams of ice pour into space. A few stars, red and ancient, fall. I pull back my hair. A few … More

AI Art and My Depression

Lately I have been battling significant depression and fear related to the rapid development of machine learning technology (“artificial intelligence”), and how it is and will be deployed in society. There are ethical considerations that are being ignored, or not seriously considered, in my view. Presently, there are few protections in place for society. Examples … More