Surreal Waterfall

AI Art

Recently I have taken an interest in evolving my photography into more surreal artworks. I am not a digital painter, but cutting edge, computer art generators have given me a new way to experiment with my images. The starting image for the piece above was one of my own photographs. There is a mysterious quality to it that I find intriguing, yet off-putting.

While I am enjoying the ability to be unexpectedly and spontaneously creative, I do find the lack of control with such art tools frustrating. You never know what exactly you are going to get. I also do not believe it is possible for computer-generated art to surpass what God’s art: nature. There is something magical about being present in nature, capturing it as it is with photography. Nature photography will thus probably always be my first love when it comes to artistic expression.

What do you think? Do you enjoy more surreal, even fantastical, art pieces? Or maybe do you prefer the straightforward beauty of nature?